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Summary: California-based company is encouraging animal lovers to open up their homes and hearts to care for pets in times of crisis and disaster.


Woodland, CA – A variety of factors have led to an increase in natural disasters over the last few years. California is an area that’s been hit particularly badly, suffering from devastating wildfires in 2022, and now experiencing flooding in 2023. Lives are ruined during natural disasters, but what happens to pets when homes are destroyed or left unlivable? They need places to stay, so someone can take care of them. After watching news reports on natural disasters and seeing pets abandoned, was founded to provide a solution. 


They know the heartbreak when pet owners have to leave their pets in times of emergencies – while it’s possible to take steps to prepare for things like hurricanes and floods, there is not always the time to arrange for someone to take care of the many beloved pets affected by these disasters. Many shelters cannot handle a huge influx of animals in times of emergency, and many evacuation centers have restrictions on pets. 

Giving Pets A Safe Place To Stay offers a solution by allowing pet owners to arrange safe havens for their pets prior to an emergency occurring. They encourage pet owners to find someone who is not likely to be affected by the same issues to help them with their pets, as well as ask people who can look after pets on a short-term basis in times of crisis to sign up to their platform and make their homes available to pets in need.


It’s a system that’s already helped save over 2,200 pets after devastating natural disasters. When an emergency is apparent, pet owners can use the site to list their pets by filling in a simple form. The pet can then be taken in by one of the fosters on the network – there are currently nearly 1000 fosters using It’s such a simple concept, yet it’s helping to save the lives of thousands of pets a year. 1 in 5 pets in disaster-struck areas ends up getting misplaced. This platform ensures that no longer has to be the case, giving pets safe homes to live in until the disaster strikes. 

About Pet Advize is a non-profit organization dedicated solely to supporting this platform. Their mission is to give as many pets as possible a safe place to stay until the crisis has passed, saving countless numbers of animal lives and human hearts.

Press inquiries can be directed to Lawrence Lipman in’s CA office at +1 (530) 702-9733, or you can email Lawrence at Postal queries can be directed to Lawrence at, 1574 Harry Lorenzo Ave, Woodland, CA, 95776. To check out the website, go to


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